Secure Transactions

All payments done via card are processed through the National Bank of Greece’s electronic payment platform and uses TLS 1.1 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. Encryption is a way to encode the information until it reaches its intended recipient, which will be able to decode it, using the appropriate key.

The pages of the “Business” use SSL protocol for secure online trading. The SSL encrypts all Customer’s / Purchaser / Donor’s personal information, such as its credit card number, name and address, so that they can not be read or changed when transferred over the Internet. The Comodo Secure e-shop certificate has been issued by the Comodo Certification Company.

The SSL protocol is a necessary measure today for all websites on the Internet for the encryption of data between network users and network servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a Customer / Purchaser / Donor and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thereby protecting personal information when transferred. Additionally, all information sent under the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been changed during transport.