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Always Ultra Platinum Normal


Sanitary napkin

8 pieces

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Always Platinum Ultra Normal Plus (Size 1) sanitary napkins provide amazing softness and unsurpassed protection in a single sanitary napkin (compared to Always Ultra). With 1000 tiny cushions on the sides and a reinforced core, the Always Platinum is the No. 1 Always napkin for protection and softness.

It also features odor-neutralizing technology that not only covers, but neutralizes odors.

Although Always Platinum sanitary napkins are very thin with a thickness of only 3 mm, they offer a feeling of softness and protection during your period.

We put an end to compromises.

With Always Platinum, you always have the best combination of protection and softness. Try Always Platinum Ultra Night (Size 3), the best Always Platinum sanitary napkin for protection during the night. Always the No. 1 sanitary napkin for protection and softness

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