Always Ultra Plus Normal 10pcs

Always Ultra Plus Normal


Ultra Plus Normal sanitary napkins

10 pieces

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Every woman has her own needs, but Always Ultra Normal (Size 1) with wings offers up to 100% protection that adapts to your body and flow. Ideal for women with light flow and size of underwear S and M or for mild flow with underwear size S. Always Ultra sanitary napkins have Secureguard protection belts and gel that locks in moisture (and does not allow leaks), which retain liquids in the center sanitary napkins and help prevent leaks. It also has odor neutralization technology that not only covers, but neutralizes odors. Although Always Ultra sanitary napkins are very thin with a thickness of only 3 mm, they offer a sense of comfort and protection during your period. Rewrite the rules with Always and get sanitary napkins with perfect fit on your body and your flow, without leaks. Try Always Ultra Secure Night (Size 4), Always Ultra’s best sanitary napkins for protection at night.

-Until 100% leakage protection

-Excessive core with gel that locks the liquid and does not allow leaks

-With odor neutralization technology that not only covers, but neutralizes odors and has a light aroma

-Dermatologically tested to be gentle on the skin

– Comfortable cover

-Secureguard protection belts to control leaks

– Thickness of only 3 mm for a wonderful feeling of comfort

-Specially designed wings to keep the sanitary napkin in place for maximum protection and security

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Weight 250 g
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