Ambre Solaire Child Spf50 Res Swim 200ml Sunscreen

Ambre Solaire for Kids


Children’s sunscreen Spf50

200 milligrams

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Ambre Solaire Child Spf50 Res Swim 200ml Sunscreen|

Spray High Sun Protection Spray for Kids SPF50 + Ambre Solaire Garnier (200ml)
Sensitive Advanced, enhanced protection against UVA UV rays, suitable for light-colored, sensitive and sun-resistant skin.
What are UVA long rays?
UVA rays make up the majority of the UV radiation that reaches the earth. They penetrate deep into the skin and can cause long-term damage that is not immediately visible. They are particularly aggressive on light-colored, sensitive skin that does not tolerate the sun. For these skin types, we recommend using a product that helps protect against UVA rays.

Instructions for use
Push the pump and spray all over the body.
Apply the sunscreen before sun exposure.
Repeat frequently and in large amounts to maintain protection, especially from swimming, sweating and wiping with a towel. Use sunscreen that provides adequate protection to your skin.

Additional Information

Weight 205 g
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