Ancient Sowing of Papadopoulou Whole Grain 500gr

Ancient Sowing of Papadopoulou Whole Grain


Ancient Seed Bread

500 grams

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With absolute respect for the traditional art of bakery, the company Papadopoulou created the bread Ancient Sowing with Dikokko Wheat. A bread of exceptional quality and nutritional value, kneaded with a cereal known since antiquity, Dikokko Wheat. Our new bread is available in 2 flavors, Starrenio and Wholemeal, thus covering the taste preferences of all consumers. Ancient Seed Bread with Dicoco Wheat comes to satisfy the consumer’s need for delicious bread with high nutritional value as it brings all the benefits of Dicoco wheat. The Ancient Seed with Dicotko Wheat is a valuable bread, inspired by the ancient diet for your daily diet. Cut into richer, more enjoyable slices is the perfect suggestion to accompany your meal. Enjoy!

Additional Information

Weight 501 g


Wholemeal wheat flour 38%, water, wholemeal flour from durum wheat 13%, yeast, 2.5% yeast (water, wheat flour), vegetable oil (sunflower oil), sugar, salt, vinegar, flavoring, wheat yeast flour (wheat flour, water, yeast), wheat semolina, wheat gluten, barley malt flour, wheat flour, cherry cherry extract, fava flour.

Nutritional Data

Per 100g Per Feta (31g)
Energy 1067kJ / 253kcal 405kJ / 96kcal
Fat 4,1g 1,6g
saturated 0,6g 0,2g
monounsaturated 2,1g 0,8g
polyunsaturated 1,3g 0,5g
Carbohydrates 40,0g 15,2g
sugars 4,8g 1,8g
Edible fibers 6,0g 2,3g
Proteins 11,0g 4,2g
Salt 1,55g 0,59g
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