Ariel Liquid 28mea 1.54Lit

Ariel Liquid 28mea


Ariel Liquid 28 Mezouras

1.54 liters

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The Ariel Regular liquid detergent offers you amazing removal of stains with the 1st. Ariel is tough with stains but very soft on your clothes. Unlike powder detergent, Ariel liquid detergent acts on the heart of the wash. It removes stains that cause bad odors, such as sweat and body odors, giving your clothes a clean look and aroma. For best results, place the lid in the bucket of your washing machine after filling it with detergent. For an extra dose of freshness and softness, use it with Lenor and Lenor Unstoppables. Ariel Regular is also available in powder and capsules.

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Weight 1548 g
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