Ariel White & Colored 70mea Box 4,550gr

Ariel White & Colored Detergent


Ariel White & Colored Box

4,550 grams

70 measuring cups

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It’s nice to be beautiful and to smell great. It all starts with washing your clothes better. And Ariel Alpine detergent can help you with this, giving you amazing results even in the most difficult conditions. With Ariel, clothes become whiter and clearer with much less effort. It is suitable for white and colored and leaves your clothes surprisingly clean even at the lowest temperatures, even at 30 ° C. Wash your clothes as often as you want. For more information and products, don’t forget to visit For an extra dose of freshness and softness, use it together with Lenor and Lenor Unstoppables fabric softeners. Ariel Alpine is also available in liquid and capsule form.

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Weight 4555 g
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