Biscuits Stuffed Cocoa Papadopoulou No23 200gr

Stuffed Cocoa Biscuits


Stuffed Cocoa Biscuits

200 grams

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Stuffed Cocoa Biscuits Papadopoulou No23 200gr

The classic, authentic and favorite cookies of all of us. We enjoy them from our young age and they connect us with the nostalgia of the tender moments of the past, with our sweet memories and give us pleasure in our daily moments.

Chocolate-flavored biscuits with chocolate flavor (30%)

Additional Information

Weight 202 g


Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils [palm oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter], lactose, skim cocoa powder, 3.5% powder, pigment (ammonium caramel color), granulated glucosamine glucose, starch, starch, protein bakery (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate), emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavorings.

Nutritional Data

per 100g
energy 1996kj / 476kcal
fat 20g
 saturated 11g
 monosaturated 6,3g
 verysaturated 2,1g
Carbohydrates 66g
 sugar 32g
Edible fibers 3,2g
protein 6,4g
salt 0,75g
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