Bread crumbs Elite 360gr

Elite toast crumb


Elite toast crumb

360 grams

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Grated Elite toast is the practical and healthy solution in cooking and confectionery. Elite came into our lives in 1968, when it created the first standard toast. Since then, the favorite brand has dominated this category, continuing its successful tradition. The recipe for its success remains the same: to offer innovative products that contribute to a daily, balanced diet. In this context, Elite launched the first toast without salt, the first functional toasts “for me!” But also a series of light and sweet snacks, Elite “Fit & Sweet”. In addition, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Elite has launched a family of savory snacks for those looking for natural delights, Elite Crackers and Mini Fryganakia, as well as a family of pastries, Elite Pastries, with flavors that awaken our tradition. With so many dietary options for every moment of our day, it has justly become <>.

Additional Information

Weight 362 g


Wheat flour (76%), Wholemeal wheat flour (5.5%), Wholemeal rye flour (2.5%), Liquid bakery dough, Vegetable fat (palm oil), Sugar, Salt, Dextrose, Wheat gluten, Binaleuro, Sprout yeast (wheat germ flour, cultivation), Flour Improvement: Ascorbic Acid. May contain traces of milk. Allergy Tips: For allergens, look at the ingredients in bold.

Διατροφικά Στοιχεία

Per 100 gr
Energy 1721 kJ/ 408 kcal
Fat 7,2 g
saturated 3,2 g
Carbohydrates 69,1 g
 sugars 4,5 g
proteins 14,5 g
Salt 1,00 g
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