Caprice with Hazelnut & Cocoa Cream 400gr

Caprice Hazelnut and Cocoa Cream


With hazelnut cream & cocoa

400 grams

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Caprice with Hazelnut & Cocoa Cream 400gr

Crispy wafer and soft filling that melts in the mouth and lifts the senses. A unique recipe that wakes you up and makes you unable to eat only one Ideal choice for you and your company, in everyday but also more special moments. In two delicious flavors: Caprice with praline cream and Caprice with dark chocolate cream. A name with a long history, a recipe that was loved like no other, a sweet cult.


Sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oils (palm oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter), lactose, hazelnut paste 6%, skimmed cocoa powder 3.5%, milk proteins, stabilizer serotype serotype, anchovies, starch, starch (anemone caramel color), fiber, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), antioxidants (pulsed ascorbyl, extract rich in tocopherols), flavorings. The product may contain traces of peanuts (peanuts) and other nuts.


Contains: Soy, Fruit with shell, Milk, Mustard
May contain: Peanuts

Conditions of preservation or use

Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Additional Information

Weight 400 g

Nutritional Data

per 100 γρ.
 energy (kJ/kcal) 2002/477
 fat (g) 19
    saturated (g) 8,4
    monosaturated (g) 7,4
    verysaturated  (G) 1,9
   sugars (g) 48
 proteins(g) 7,4
 salt (g) 0,39
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