Carolina Special Omega Rice 1kg

Carolina Special Omega Rice


Special Omega Rice

1 kg

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Carolina Special Omega Rice 1kg

Carolina Rice – White Mesococcus. Ideal for spinach and mussels. Selected with the strictest criteria from the finest varieties of Chalastra, and after repeated quality checks, KAROLINA rice is ideal for a balanced and high nutritional value diet. In Omega, product safety is a primary concern. Quality is checked on a daily basis and all quality control procedures are applied at all stages of production and distribution. Place of Origin Sheep of Serres

Additional Information

Weight 1001 g


Carolina rice

Nutritional Data

Per 100g
Energy 348 kcal-1479kj
Fat 1.1 g
Carbohydrates 78.6g
Proteins 6g
Salt 0,009 g
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