Carroten Milk Spray Kids Trigger Spf50_en 300ml

Carroten Milk Spray Kids Trigger



300 milligrams

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Live your summer with Carroten!
Every time we hear the word Carroten, we know that our favorite season has finally arrived, in the summer. Our minds “run” in carefree moments on the beach, we feel the sand at our feet, we hear the waves and we see the sun’s rays “playing” with the colors of the sea.
Why, this is Carroten !! It is the moments and the memories that we will keep at the end of the summer, it is the summer that has passed, it is all that we will experience these months, it is the impatience for the next summer.
And as with summer, each of us lives and imagines his own summer as it is ideal for him … some more tropical, some more romantic, some more family and some more casual! so it is with Carroten. Each of us chooses what suits him and his own summer…

With innovative formulas that incorporate all the latest developments in the field of sun protection and cosmetology, Carroten products will become your inseparable companion on the beach, providing you with reliable protection, unique tanning and deep skin care, as only Carroten can offer.

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