Citrus Fresh 360ml Head Shoulders Shampoo

Citrus Fresh Head Shoulders Shampoos



360 milligrams

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Get rid of dandruff and remove oiliness with the anti-dandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh with essential oils of citrus. The Head & Shoulders Shampoo with the Triple Action Composition treats, protects and moisturizes (with frequent use) the scalp and hair – offering up to 100% hair without dandruff. Now with an emphasis on good looks and a fragrance that lasts, Head & Shoulders keeps your hair beautiful and without dandruff (visible flakes with frequent use).

Finally beautiful hair without dandruff (visible flakes with frequent use)
For normal to oily hair, even for dyed
The triple action composition cares for, protects and moisturizes
Removes oiliness
Specially designed to treat oiliness and visible flakes
Mild shampoo with balanced pH for daily use
With essential oils of lemon

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Weight 364 g
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