Coffee Hellenic Loumidis Decafeine 96gr

Coffee Greek Loumidis Decafeine


Brown Greek Decaffeinated

96 grams

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Coffee Greek Loumidis Decafaine 96gr The favorite Greek coffee without caffeine. With a fine, excellent quality blend, with a rich, delicious aroma with a name famous since 1919.

The coffee you enjoy day and night. All the enjoyment of Greek coffee without caffeine. With its rich aroma and special taste, it is the coffee that you can enjoy all day long.

The return to Greek coffee Loumidis Papagalos without caffeine is done in a completely natural way, simply with hot water. The grains are immersed in water, their pores are opened and the caffeine, which is by nature a water-soluble substance, is slowly removed.

The resulting solution is passed through special filters to remove the caffeine and even before roasting, so that the aroma and taste of the coffee remain unchanged. Made in Greece.

How to make the perfect Greek:

1. Pour the coffee into warm water, using the cup itself as a measuring tape.

2. Mix well, at the same time and remove the kettle when a “ring” is formed in the center of the kettle. For a thin cream, pour the coffee into the cup from above and for rich, from below.

Additional Information

Weight 97 g


100% natural ground coffee without caffeine. Greek coffee is stored in an airtight container. The taste and aroma of Greek coffee are kept unchanged by placing the container in the refrigerator.

Nutritional Data

per 50 ml
energy (kcal-kj) 1/6
fat 0 g
 saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates 0,2 g
 sugar 0 g
protein 0,1 g
salt 0 g
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