Cond Syoss Dry Distressed 500ml

Cond Syoss Dried Worms


Emollient cream

500 milligrams

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SYOSS Repair Therapy with MICRO-REPAIR-PEPTIDES, designed and tested by hairdressers, strengthens and improves the structure of each hair from root to tip. For hair as if you just came out of the hair salon every day. Syoss – The first professional hair care brand with Keratin-Primer in your home. Syoss with Keratin-Primer designed and tested by hairdressers. It strengthens and improves every hair from the root to the tip and offers more visible and lasting results at home. For hair as if you just came out of the hair salon every day. Composition with Keratin – Primer 90% of the hair consists of Keratin Complex-Keratin-2, 2 of the most effective types of Keratin for 100% strength, softness and shine. Deeply replenishes all hair levels for improved hair just like after the hair salon. ‘ FOR KNOWLEDGE, FEATURED WEIGHTS Deeply repairs hair for up to 90% less breakage Empties hair for ease of hairstyle. Repairs existing hair damage and helps prevent new ones.

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