Digestive Papadopoulou cookies 250gr

Digestive Papadopoulou cookies


Μπισκότα Digestive

250 γραμμάρια

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Digestive Papadopoulou cookies 250gr

The special Digestive Papadopoulou cookies that you have been loving for years now

for their rich and enjoyable taste and nutritional value.

They are made with wholemeal flour and are an ideal snack for all hours of the day.

Additional Information

Weight 252 g


Wheat flour, vegetable oils, sugar, wholemeal wheat flour 11%, glucose syrup, inflatables (sodium bicarbonate, acid tartaric potassium, malic acid), salt, emulsifier of barley flour (soy lecithin), gout.

Nutritional Data

Per 100g
Energy 2082kj / 497kcal
Fat 23,0 g
saturated 10,5g
monounsaturated 3,0g
polyunsaturated 8,5g
Carbohydrates 63,5g
 sugars 19,5 g
Edible fibers 4,0g
Proteins 7,0 g
Salt 1,43 g
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