Every Day Fresh Ul Pl Super Econ 18pcs

Every Day Fresh Ul Pl Super Econ


Sanitary napkin

30 pieces

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Every Day Fresh Ul Pl Super Econ 18pcs |

Long thin sanitary napkins with protective wings. With the revolutionary Center Plus technology, with an expanded core, which ensures up to 30% more absorbent surface in the center of the sanitary napkin, compared to other thin sanitary napkins, for incredible protection against leaks, where it is most needed.

With super-absorbent cover. Discreetly flavored for a feeling of freshness that lasts. The first recommended by the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Greece. Dermatologically tested. They are produced in Greece. In an economical package of 18 pieces.

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Weight 350 g
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