Fairy Caps Lemon 28pcs

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Dishwasher capsules

28 pieces

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Place a capsule in the distribution drawer and close immediately. Do not unroll and do not pierce the capsule. Close the bag tightly after each use. Use the product only with dry hands.

Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets are specially made for dishwashers, combining the product in liquid form and powder in a strong capsule. Their perfectly soluble bag breaks down much faster than hard compressed tablets, for immediate action and cleanliness All in One with incredible shine, even on the stuck grease of a 24 hour. In addition, they are incredibly easy to use. Just place them in your dishwasher – without unrolling and without getting dirty.

Fairy All in in One dishwasher tablets provide advanced cleaning of dishes with dry food scraps with the first one, even removing stuck grease for 24 hours.

Removing hard dirt and incredible shine.
Strong cleansing action with a liquid that dissolves fats.
Ready to use without the need for unwinding.
Use the ideal dose, 1 tablet = 1 wash.
Auxiliary action for salts & rinsing. Protection for glass & silverware.

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