Fairy Caps Platinum Lemon 24pcs

Fairy Caps Platinum


Dishwasher capsules

24 pieces

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Fairy Caps Platinum Lemon 24pcs

Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets provide advanced cleaning of dishes with dry food debris at first and even clean the grease from your dishwasher (Fairy anti-washer detergent cleaner).

With Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets you can fearlessly cook whatever you want, knowing that even the most persistent fats can break down to make your dishes shine. In addition to cleaning your dishes, Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets clean even the hidden grease that comes out of your filter, making your dishes and washing machine shine.

Place a capsule in the distribution drawer and close immediately. Do not unroll and do not pierce the capsule. Close the bag tightly after each use. Use the product only with dry hands.

Unsurpassed in difficult remnants with the 1st!
The best cleaning of Fairy for the most persistent fats.
So powerful that they even remove the hidden fat from your dishwasher.
They help fight fat accumulation in the sewer system, filters and spray arm.
Ready to use without the need for unwinding.
Designed & tested for use in all top dishwashers.
Auxiliary action for salts & rinsing. Protection for glass & silverware.

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