Fairy Ultra Normal 1.5Lit New Composition

Fairy Ultra Classic


Fairy dishwashing liquid

1.5 liters

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Fairy Ultra Normal 1.5Lit New Composition

Each drop of Fairy gives cleansing power that lasts for washing your dishes. Its concentrated composition dissolves fats instantly, offering dazzling cleanliness.

The Fairy Ultra dishwashing liquid has such a concentrated composition that you only need 1-2 drops in each wash. To prevent bacteria from forming, rinse the sponge after each wash, pour 1-2 drops of the dishwashing liquid and press the sponge to create foam.

Also try the Fairy Platinum All in One dishwasher tablets for glitter dishes and even more shiny laundry.

Effective cleaning completely dissolves food debris.

Its concentrated texture dissolves fats instantly giving dazzling cleanliness.

Soap that lasts a long time with just one drop.

It lasts 2X more than the second product on sale.

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Weight 1510 g
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