Karamolegos Bread Ten Village 500gr

Ten Whole Bread Breads


Fetis Ten Village Bread

500 grams

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Karamolegos Bread Ten Village 500gr

You put ten on it, because it only lasts ten days and so it’s always fluffy.

You put ten on it, because it is in a special opaque package that protects it from light. You give him ten, because pure pleasure is pure!

Additional Information

Weight 502 g


Water, category M flour from durum wheat (25%), natural wheat yeast (5%), margarine (blend of vegetable oils and fats, emulsifiers. Polyglycerides of fatty acids, mono-di-glycerides of fatty acids, citric acid, lecithin, acid, flavor, pigment, β-carotene), bakery dough, sugar, natural rye yeast (1%), wheat gluten, salt, emulsifiers acidity regulator (sodium dioxide, flour improver, ascorbic acid). May contain traces of sesame, egg and milk.

Nutritional Data

Per 100g Per Feta 31,1 g %PPA* Per Feta 31,1 g
Energy 1172 kJ/ 277 kcal 368 kJ / 87 kcal 4 %
Fat 5,0 g 1,6 g 2 %
saturated 1,0 g 0,3 g 2 %
Carbohydrates 46,0 g 14,4 g 6 %
 Sugars 2,8 g 0,9 g 1 %
Proteins 11,0 g 3,4 g 7 %
Salt 0,90 g 0,28 g 5 %
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