Finish Rinse Aid Shine &Dry Lemon_en 400ml

Finish Rinse Aid Shine & Dry


Dishwashing liquid

400 milligrams

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“The # 1 brand recommended by the largest dishwasher manufacturers * * Finish is the most recommended detergent, based on the market share of the manufacturers of washing machines that recommend Finish. 100% better drying performance ** with Finish Printing. It has never been needed. Wipe your dishes after washing? When your glasses come out wet and stained with water from the dishwasher, it’s not always easy to understand why. Finish dishwasher accelerates drying and helps remove water from dishes and your glasses. It acts in the rinsing cycle to completely remove detergent and food residues, while ensuring the absence of moisture. Try the Decorative Finish for diamond shine for dishes and glasses without residues, which shine at least! ** More 2 times better rinsing on your dishes when used with the Finish All in One max tablet, critically using Finish All in One max on its own.

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