Floral Amethyst & Floral Bouquet 56M 1.4Lit

Floral Amethyst & Floral Bouquet


Fabric softener

1.4 liters

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Floral Amethyst & Floral Bouquet 56M 1.4Lit

Cool aroma of amethyst and bouquet of flowers.

Discover Lenor’s Freshlock technology that releases waves of freshness into your clothes throughout the day (maintains the freshness of your clothes while wearing them for up to 12 hours).

His new super-concentrated composition awakens and entices the senses.

For an amazing sensory experience, choose the right dose! Lenor Infusions Amethyst & Floral Bouquet amazes you with its cool, discreet fragrance. Will you resist the atmosphere of mystery and seductive softness that it emits? Available in a wide variety of fragrances, to choose the fragrance you prefer. Benefits: Feeling fresh in clothes that lasts all day + 25% more freshness * * (compared to the previous Lenor, based on fragrance level) Makes fabrics soft and supple on the skin, even the most sensitive. It softens the fibers, reducing friction between the skin and the fabric. What exactly do fabric softeners do? When washing, the clothes fibers are charged with a negative charge. Clothes softeners contain positively charged (cationic) surfactants. When rinsing clothes, fabric softener penetrates the fibers of the fabric, giving the clothes more softness. In addition, during rinsing, the clothes absorb less water and thus dry faster. And thanks to the softer fibers, ironing becomes a toy. Extra tip For unsurpassed cleanliness and an irresistible feeling of freshness, combine Lenor Software with Lenor Detergent or Ariel Liquid Capsules, Powder or Liquid.

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