Gliss Color Protect Shampoos Painted 400ml

Gliss Color Protect Shampoos Painted



400 ml

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Do you have dyed or highlighted hair?
Dyed hair loses its vitality with frequent showers, so it needs special protection to maintain its color and shine.
The Gliss Color Protect & Shine range offers:
– intense glow
-color protection for up to 12 weeks KERATIN SERUM + 3D-COLORLUMINANCE
The innovative 3D-COLOR-LUMINANCE formula strengthens the internal structure of the hair and seals the hair, for a lasting color.
Gliss formulas are based on Keratin serum to repair existing damage and strengthen the cellular structure of the hair, preventing future damage. Hair restoration is a science and not a well-kept secret. The products of the Gliss series of repairs with Keratin serum provide you with the necessary tools to get beautiful and healthier hair. They combine keratin similar to that of hair and a strong shielding of cells for double protection action. They repair existing hair damage while protecting against future damage by strengthening the cellular structure and fighting free radicals.
The best repair we have ever had! It prevents damage before it even happens to beautiful, healthy hair. Thousands have trusted it for over 60 years. Available in over 50 countries.
Apply to wet hair. Rinse well. Use it often.

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