Hair Dye Palette Icc N8.1 Blonde Open Sandre

Hair Dye Palette Icc N8.1


Hair Dye Palette Icc N8.1

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Enjoy intense & bright long lasting color with the Palette Permanent Cream Paint with Liquid Keratin. Now with a rich care mask for up to 2 times more well-groomed hair *.
The dye formula penetrates deep into the hair and locks the high-intensity pigments inside, giving the hair a dazzling color. At the same time, thanks to the care elements it contains, it offers care and nourishment to the hair during dyeing.
Then, the rich keratin mask with intensive care offers intensive care after painting. This leaves the hair up to 2 times more well-groomed *. The result is stronger and softer hair with dazzling shine.
Your favorite Palette Permanent Paint Cream more caring than ever.
* compared to the previous formula.

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Weight 58 g
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