hair spray Palette Strong 300ml

hair spray Palette Strong


hair spray Palette Strong


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hair spray Palette Strong 300ml

With more than 45 years of experience in the hair dye category and with a presence in 45 countries around the world,

Palette has become the ultimate color specialist that thousands of women trust and choose.

Over the years, it has created unique, highly efficient formulas that we are proud to see satisfying or even exceeding the expectations of its consumers,

no matter how complex and different they are.

Whether you are looking for a long-lasting color,

or you are looking for the perfect coverage for your whites,

or you just want to experiment with a new color and try a change in your style,

it is certain that Palette will meet your every need

Palette’s great success is based on the expertise and expertise of Schwarzkopf experts.

All these years, they have shown a steady and absolute commitment to excel in the field of research, to maintaining high standards in the creation of products and not to stop innovating.


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Weight 304 g
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