K2r Color Catcher Chromopagida 15 Leaves

K2r Color Catcher Chrome trap


Chrome trap

15 Leaves

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The K2r Color Catcher is the inventor of the color traps, the leaves that absorb the colors that fade in each wash. You no longer need to stand out in the clothes! The 6 levels of protection of the ColorCatcher color trap ensure the protection of the clothes during washing. It is now possible to mix all the colors in the same wash, taking care of discoloration accidents. ColourCatcher paint trap protects the vibrancy of colors, prevents rust and dirt residue, and is effective at all temperatures, all washing machine speeds and all fabrics.

Place the sheet in the washing machine bucket before the clothes. Add clothes and detergent and start washing as usual. Remove the sheet immediately after washing.

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Weight 380 g
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