Lenor Butter Carite 52m 1.3L

Lenor Butter Carite


Fabric softener

1.3 liters

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Lenor Butter Carite 52m 1.3L

Wrap yourself and your family in a lasting softness, with Lenor fabric softeners. Have you ever noticed that a particular scent can awaken and enliven memories?

Overflowing with freshness, Lenor Ocean Escape skillfully combines sweet apple and juicy mandarin with the warm elegance of jasmine and patchouli.

The luxury that characterizes it is emphasized even more by the live presence of the ylang-ylang and is accompanied by subdued notes of carnation.

www.lenor.com Recyclable material in suitable recycling facilities Lenor believes that clothes are of particular importance. They transform our mood, give us more confidence, wrap around us and relieve us, raise our mood …

That’s why Lenor takes care of them, so that you can feel them properly when you wear them, giving you incomparable freshness and softness.

Lenor gives an amazing fragrance that lasts, so get ready to experience the whole range of perfumes. Whether you want to relax and unwind or rejuvenate and tone up, there’s a Lenor right for you.

Why not try them all and discover your favorite!

That’s why everyone worked hard to create a range of perfumes that suit every mood and make clothes smell great after every wash.

Lenor believes that enjoyment is hidden in the smallest moments, such as when we wear an incredibly soft sweater with an amazing scent. This is our motivation to keep innovating with each passing year.

-Dermatologically tested.

– With the certification of the Skin Health Alliance.

-You feel the fabrics soft and light on the skin.

-Available in a wide variety of fragrances, to choose the fragrance you prefer.

-Hypoallergenically tested.

-Clothes become softer over time and the fibers become less and less hard.

-Protects your favorite clothes.

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