Lenor Gold Orchid Laundry Liquid 34mea 1,870Lit

Lenor Gold Orchid Laundry Liquid


Washing liquid

1,870 liters

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Amazing cleanliness and 3 weeks of incredible freshness. This is Lenor Gold Orchid Liquid Detergent Detergent with finesse aroma. A silent promise wanders in the air.

Irresistible and exquisite.

This liquid detergent has the soft touch of silk that only reveals what it needs. Let its scent travel you to another era and let the rich scent of almond milk envelop you. Teach yourself with a refined scent that contains explosive notes of acacia flowers and herbs and a subtle touch of almond milk.

If this is really your favorite perfume, we recommend that you combine it with one of the Lenor fabric softeners!

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Weight 1874 g
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