Milk Zacharouho Nounou 397gr

Milk Zacharouho Nunu


Milk Zacharouho Nounou


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Milk Zacharouho Nounou 397gr NOUNOU Zacharouho is made from excellent quality milk, with the addition of sugar.

It is ideal for easy and quick pastry recipes.

It can be consumed as a beverage, added to milk or coffee, and used to spread on bread or toast.

Additional Information

Weight 399 g


Whole cow’s milk, acidity regulator: calcium chloride, 9% fat, OSYG: 31%, sugar: 43.5%, sterile

Nutritional Data

per 100ml
energy 1845 kj / 441 kcal
fat 12 g
 saturated 8.0 g
Carbohydrates 72 g
 sugar 72 g
protein 11 g
salt 0.31 g
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