Nestle Cookie Crispis 375gr

Nestle Cookie Crispis


Cookie Crisp Cereals

375 grams

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Nestle Cookie Crispis 375gr

Each delicious spoon contains 7 vitamins, Calcium, Iron and all the benefits of whole grains!

With Nestle COOKIE CRISP® cereals, children enjoy a wonderful taste combined with the necessary nutrients for a strong start every day!
COOKIE CRISP® whole grains look like cookies with chocolate chips and have the same wonderful taste,

but they are eaten in a bowl of milk and make the most amazing breakfast!

Additional Information

Weight 376 g


Cereal grains (Whole wheat 35%, corn semolina 28.7%), sugar, glucose syrup, wheat starch, biscuit pieces with 3% cocoa (wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil (skimmed cocoa cocoa 8.7%, ), flavoring, salt, bulking agent (sodium carbonate)), skim cocoa, palm oil, flavoring, salt, acidity regulator (sodium phosphate)
Vitamins and Metals: Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamine (B1), Folic Acid (Folasini), Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron
It may contain milk, peanuts and nuts

Nutritional Data

Per 100 g Per 30 g Per 30 g +125 ml skimmed milk
Energy 1621 kj / 383 kcal 486 kj / 115 kcal 740 kj / 175 kcal
Fat 3.2 g 1 g 3 g
saturated 1.2 g 0.4 g 1.5 g
Carbohydrates 79.1 g 23.7 g 29.9 g
sugars 24.2 g 7.2 g 13.1 g
Proteins 6.9 g 2.1 g 6.4 g
Salt 0.84 g 0.25 g 0.40 g
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