Nivea Sun Spray Kids Spf30 300ml

Nivea Sun Trigger Kids Spf30 Spray


Sunscreen Spray

300 milligrams

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Nivea Sun Spray Kids Spf30 300ml

Provides immediate sun protection from UVA / UVB,

Gives deep hydration lasting,

Reduces the appearance of allergies related to sun exposure,

Extra water resistant, *

Reduces the intensity of sunscreen stains after washing Immediate and reliable sun protection thanks to the kisses UVA / UVB while its innovative treatment composition, supports the action of the protective layers of the skin, giving protection and long-lasting hydration.

Reduces the risk of allergies caused by sun exposure. It is absorbed immediately and is extremely water resistant. The perfect combination of sun protection and deep hydration!

It is absorbed immediately, is extremely waterproof and reduces the risk of sun-induced allergies. Global innovation that reduces sunspots after washing.

IMPORTANT USE INSTRUCTIONS Shake well before use Do not spray directly on face / do not inhale product

Apply enough before sun exposure and renew frequently, especially after swimming, sweating and wiping,

To maintain initial protection Do not expose yourself to the sun for long periods of time, even after using sunscreen Excessive sun exposure poses a serious health threat

Do not leave babies and young children If they are exposed to direct sunlight, wear protective clothing and use a sufficient amount of sunscreen for unprotected areas.

Allow it to be completely absorbed and avoid direct contact of the product with fabrics and hard surfaces so that they do not stain the skin.

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