Old Spice Stick Whitewater 50ml deodorant

Old Spice Stick Whitewater deodorant


Deodorant Stick

50 milligrams

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It is often said that water is the strongest element on earth. Although often said, this statement is false because water is neither an element nor as strong as Uranium-235. Apart from that, of course, the scent of Old Spice Whitewater, according to scientists, is very cool. At least according to those who know how to smell beautiful. Old Spice deodorant helps you get rid of the unpleasant odors of your armpit. So try Old Spice today and prove that this refreshing fragrance is the missing link in the equation of masculinity.

-Dynamic Perfume Only for Real Men

-Without white marks & no yellow spots

-This product offers a clean scent and refreshing freshness

-After using this spray, your body will smell perfect, even if it doesn’t want to

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Weight 54 g
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