Orzene Everyday Care Shampoo Normally 400ml

Orzene Everyday Care Shampoo Normally



400 ml

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TOrzene Everyday Care Shampoo Normally 400ml

he Orzene Beer hair care line, enriched with shine elixir, transforms the hair, offering a dazzling shine that lasts.
The specially designed shine elixir complex, consisting of beer, ceramides & phytoprotein, is the basis of all Orzene products, offering a dazzling glow at the moment!
With the latest technology formulas, which offer high efficiency and are suitable even for the most demanding hair types.

Rejuvenation for normal hair.
The combination of Shine Elixir and barley extract, rich in amino acids, minerals and carbohydrates, rejuvenates and strengthens the hair.

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