Pampers Pants 12-17kg N5 28pcs Value Pack

Pampers Pants 12-17kg N5


Pampers Pants N5

28 pieces

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When your baby starts to live and turn to diaper changes, use Pampers Pants with easy change: just pull the diaper up to put it on, slide it to the side to remove it and stick it with the tape for easy disposal. At night, Pampers Pants slippers prevent leaks and apply properly, giving a peaceful sleep. They achieve this thanks to their 360 περι perimeter fit, the elastic waist that fits your baby’s belly, the super-absorbent core that absorbs moisture at the moment and the double protective sides around the boots to avoid any leakage. Pampers Pants: for easy change during the day and protection against leaks during the night.

Discover Pampers Pants:
1) Pampers Pants for easy change during the day.
2) Extremely absorbent core that absorbs moisture instantly.
3) Pampers Pants panties with 360 περι perimeter application offer protection against leaks during the night.
4) Elastic waist that fits on your baby’s belly.
5) Double protectors around the booties that prevent leaks.
6) Easy application with a single movement.
7) Easy removal with a simple tear of the sides and easy rejection by sticking the tape.

Precautions: To avoid the risk of suffocation and / or drowning, keep all packaging materials away from babies and children.

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