Persil Liquid Black Essenzia 1.5Lit

Persil Υγρό Black Essenzia


Clothes detergent

1.5 liters

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The new Renew Advanced composition with Fibrex technology is specially designed to actively take care of your clothes and renew them after several washes. In addition to impeccable cleaning performance, its new composition takes care of the colors and fibers: 1) It renews and repairs the intensity of black 2) It smooths out the damaged fibers for perfect light reflection. 3) It helps to strengthen the fibers in order to maintain the shape and application of the clothes. 4) The aroma of wild rose that it releases ensures intense freshness that lasts and a feeling that impresses.

Always follow the instructions on the label of each product. Wash in the washing machine (soft to normal water) 75 ml lightly soiled 105 ml normally soiled 135 ml very soiled Hand wash 60 ml to 10 liters Recommended temperature Suitable for all temperatures from 20 ° C to 60 ° C Efficiency 1.5 liters = 25 washes (per 2.5 kg) Suitable for black & dark fabrics such as jeans, synthetics, cotton and blended fabrics.

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Weight 1504 g
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