Pringles Hot Paprika 165gr

Pringles Hot Paprika


Paprika hot paprika chips

165 grams

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Pringles Hot Paprika 165gr

The Paprika Pringles hot paprika (165 g) chips remind you of this exotic flavor, a crazy spice ride on a 4×4 potato machine that suddenly collides with a crate full of paprika.

The collision creates an explosion of pleasure, as the red delicious powder magically covers your senses. Then you just wipe it with a paper towel.

Additional Information

Weight 166 g


Dehydrated potatoes, vegetable oils, vegetable fats, rice flour, wheat starch, paprika flavor (sugar, paprika powder, flavor enhancers: glutamine mononatrium, dinosaur guanzoudi, chrysanthemum, garlic cream and right dinosaur dinosaur dinosaur, powder color: paprika extract, acidic foods: citric acid), emulsifier: E471, maltodextrin, salt, modified rice starch. Allergens are marked by strong characters.

Nutritional Data

Per 40g
Energy 840kJ/201kcal
Fat 12g
saturated 1.4g
Υδατάνθρακες 20g
sugars 1.6g
Proteins 1.9g
Salt 0.74g
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