Rio Mare Oil Tone 2x160gr

Rio Mare Oil Tone


Rio Mare Oil Tone

2×160 grams

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This has always been the favorite tone of the Greeks, due to the special taste and unparalleled quality that only the excellent processing of the quality tone “yellow-green” can offer. The Rio Mare tone processing system is very simple. The tuna is steamed and then worked by hand (just like the good old days) to ensure thorough cleaning and excellent quality. It is then canned together with pure olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, without preservatives and artificial flavors. This is why Rio Mare tuna in olive oil is a healthy, genuine and vital food for the whole family. It is rich in phosphorus and contains easily absorbable essential proteins and unsaturated fatty acids that help fight cholesterol.

Additional Information

Weight 354 g


Tuna *, olive oil, salt. * Thunnus (neothunnus) albacares. Net weight: 160g. Drained weight: 104g

Nutritional Data

Per 100 g
Energy 403 kcal /1666,5 kJ
fat 37g
saturated 6g
Carbohydrates 0g
 sugars 0g
proteins 17,5g
salt 1,1g
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