Rio Mare Water Tone 2x160gr

Rio Mare Tone In Water


Rio Mare Water Tone

2×160 grams

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Rio Mare Water Tone 2x160gr

Light and tasty, Tonio Rio Mare al Naturale is ideal for those who love light food

and want to stay in shape without being deprived of all the delicious pleasures.

The beneficial properties of Rio Mare al Naturale Tone come from the sea

and from the selection of only yellow-green tuna of excellent quality.

They are then perfected with Rio Mare’s excellent know-how.

Steam cooking retains the flavor of the fish, protects its nutritional properties and at the same time removes most of the fat contained in the tissues.

Tono Rio Mare al Naturale is a complete food that ensures the valuable, balanced daily intake of metals, proteins and vitamins,

while at the same time it is very light and digestible thanks to its low fat content.

Additional Information

Weight 324 g


Tuna *, water, salt, celery and onion seasoning * Thunnus (neothunnus) albacares. Net weight: 160g. Drained weight: 112g

Nutritional Data

Per 100 g
Energy 100,5 kcal/ 426,5 kJ
fat 0,5g
saturated 0,2g
Carbohydrates 0g
 sugars 0g
Proteins 24g
salt 1,1g
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