Ruffles Barbeque 130gr

Ruffles Barbeque


Potato Ruffles Barbeque

130 grams

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Ruffles Barbeque 130gr

Unique Potatoes Ruffles Barbeque with salt the separate chips from every other brand maybe from your childhood memories

Additional Information

Weight 131 g


Potatoes, corn oil (35%), salt.

Nutritional Data

Per 100g Per 30g %PPA* Per 30g**
Energy 2247kJ / 539kcal 674kJ / 162kcal 8%
Fat 35,0g 10,5g 15%
saturated 4,9g 1,5g 7%
Carbohydrates 47,6g 14,3g 5%
sugars 0,6g 0,2g <1%
Edible fibers 4,4g 1,3g
Proteins 6,3g 1,9g 4%
Salt 1,4g 0,42g 7%
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