Sani Lady Sensitive Super N5 10pcs

Sani Lady Sensitive Super


Sanitary napkin

10 pieces

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Sani Lady Sensitive Super N5 10pcs Delicate and discreet napkins with cotton, for mild incontinence and other special uses, such as lotions and postoperative conditions.

Specially designed to combine effective protection against leaks and unpleasant odors, excellent fit and high skin friendliness. With a super-absorbent core that offers instant dryness and retains a lot of moisture.

They offer up to 3 times * more absorbency than common period sanitary napkins. They have a wider design at the back combined with absorbent wing stickers that provide better protection at night.

With special Odour Control technology that offers proven protection against unpleasant odors, for up to 8 hours! With special softness hives and healthy fabric cover, which contains cotton, they help protect against irritation.

In individual packaging. Dermatologically tested. They are produced in Greece. In a package of 10 pcs.
* compared to ED center plus sanitary napkins

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Weight 350 g
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