Sani Pants N3 Large 14pcs

Sani Pants N3 Large


Large rubber underwear

14 pieces

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Sani Sensitive Pants L No3 elastic underwear (14 pcs). Sani Pants tireless underwear is specially designed to offer you absorbency, discretion and friendly skin protection. With special Anti-ODOUR technology at the core, which offers effective odor reduction, for up to 8 hours, proven! In addition, thanks to the new Comfi-Fit technology, they ensure even greater comfort in every movement and excellent fit in the body, thanks to the special tires. With a healthy fabric cover, aloe and vitamin E for Sensitive skin protection. They are indicated for cases of severe incontinence. Dermatologically tested. They are produced in Greece. For waist circumference dimensions: 95-125cm. Tip: In addition to excellent absorbency, the appropriate products also offer you friendly skin protection and reduction of unpleasant odors, which improve your quality of life and do not limit you in your daily activities.

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