Sani Subcenter Fresh Maxi Plus 90×60 15pcs

Sani Subcenter Fresh Maxi Plus


subspecies Sani Sensitive

15 pieces

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Sani Subcenter Fresh Maxi Plus 90×60 15pcs |

Scent-free Sani Sensitive subfloors have an Extra Large absorbent surface (up to 27% * larger absorbent surface than other subcenters), effectively protecting against leaks.

They have a waterproof plastic on the back, so that they do not slip and are easily placed on the bed, on the couch, in the car, ensuring healthy protection and cleanliness. Ideal for cases of incontinence, postoperative conditions and cases where extra leakage protection is required. Dimension 90 X 60 cm and in compact packaging for easier use.

* Comparison of total absorption core width.

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Weight 450 g
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