Skin Nature Two-phase Water Micellaire 400ml

Skin Nature Two-Phase Micellaire Water


Two-phase Water Makeup Remover

400 milligrams

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Two-phase Micellaire Waterproof Makeup All in 1, by Garnier. Ideal for face, eyes and lips. Suitable for intense and waterproof makeup.

If you want an effective, quick and easy-to-use make-up remover, Discover Micellaire Double Double Water Make-up All in 1, by Garnier. With one movement, it cleans, removes even the intense or waterproof make-up while soothing sensitive skin. Ideal for face, eyes and lips. Non-greasy composition, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. Its composition is enriched with: – Micelles, invisible active ingredients that remove makeup and dirt like magnets, for effective cleansing of the skin without scrubbing. – Makeup oil and argan oil, which effectively removes persistent makeup.

Shake well. Apply to face, eyes and lips with a cotton swab and without rubbing. It does not rinse. Non-greasy.

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