Swiffer Duster Antal / co 10pcs

Swiffer Duster


Wing spare

10 pieces

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Swiffer Magic Wings magnetize and trap dust, hair and allergens from mites, dogs and cats thanks to their unique dense composition of light fibers. They can and do adjust their shape to penetrate corners and crevices to get rid of dust and hairs from any surface without scattering inside the house.
It works so well that it will make you love dusting!
Use the Swiffer Wing spare parts together with the Swiffer Magic Wing handle (sold separately).

It magnetizes and ‘traps’ 3X more dust and hair than a traditional vacuum cleaner.
Mix the Swiffer Magic Wings before use for best results.
It contains very dense flexible fibers that ‘lock’ dust and hair that other cleaning feathers would scatter inside the house.
The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand.
It works perfectly on all dry surfaces without leaving any residue.

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Weight 350 g
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