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Spare parts

40 pieces

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Swiffer cloths magnetize and trap 3X more dust and hair from the floor compared to a traditional broom, thanks to their special design and electrostatic action. Their unique composition, which consists of dense weave, adapts to every surface and penetrates every corner.
With the Swiffer 360 ειδικά special rotating head, you can clean everywhere, even in inaccessible places, such as under the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher, even in corners and edges where traditional vacuum cleaners cannot always reach. With Swiffer cloths, cleaning has never been easier.
Swiffer vacuum cleaner can be used on all surfaces except surfaces with anti-glare coating (eg plasma screens, computer).

It magnetizes and ‘traps’ 3X more dust and hair than a traditional vacuum cleaner.
Suitable for wood, tile or vinyl surfaces.
Dense weave composition.
The special 360. Rotating head reaches places such as under the bed or sofa.
Special design to magnetize and ‘trap’ dust & hair, even in the most difficult places.

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Weight 420 g
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