Tena Lady Extra 20pcs

Tena Lady Extra


Sanitary napkin

20 pieces

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Tena Lady Extra 20pcs

TENA Lady Extra Plus with the unique InstaDRY Zone offers you Triple Protection against leaks, unwanted odors and moisture.

TENA Lady Extra Plus offers high security and is much more absorbent than menstrual cervicitis.

They are ideally designed to make you feel dry and comfortable in all situations.

-Very soft and dry surface Silky Soft Surface: Dryness plays an important role in the feeling of freshness and protection of the skin.

For this reason, TENA Lady sanitary napkins have a silky soft surface that looks like fabric and immediately removes moisture from your skin.

TENA Lady sanitary napkins keep you dry and maintain your confidence.

– TENA Lady is anatomically designed for greater discretion and comfort TENA Lady ensures excellent protection, comfort and discretion. TENA Lady sanitary napkins take the shape of the body and are designed to make you feel comfortable so that you can focus your attention on the pleasant aspects of life.

The soft side elastic lining shapes the shape of the sanitary napkin for a perfect fit. Essentially, they affect how safe you feel. The elastic sides help the TENA Lady sanitary napkins to adapt to the shape of your body. They gently embrace the movement of your body, no matter what you do.

TENA Lady sanitary napkins ensure freedom of movement with confidence and without worrying about losing urine. The soft outer material that looks like fabric and breathes helps maintain the health of the skin TENA Lady has a soft material that breathes and allows air circulation, preventing moisture and enhancing skin health. TENA Lady leaves you with a sense of freshness.

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