Veet Cold Candle Face Movies 20pcs

Veet Cold Candle Face Movies


Face Movies

20 pieces

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It’s the best girl secret, facial hair removal right now. Now you can get to the root with the Veet Κ Ready-to-Use Circuit Taps for the Face and the Perfect Finish Wipes, as they are the best way to get rid of the hairy spots that appear out of nowhere! The small Veet wax strips are ideal for those difficult parts of your face as well as for corrective movements throughout the body. Simply apply a film to the skin, remove it with a quick motion and wipe with a Perfect Wipe Handkerchief to remove any wax residue. Our hair removal strips are designed for short hair 2 mm long, so you don’t have to wait for them to “grow long enough” to wax. Package Contents 20 Candle Strips 4 Perfect Finish Wipes

Rub the wax strip between your palms for about 5 seconds to warm the wax. Slowly separate one movie from another. Use each film until it loses its effectiveness. Apply the tape to your skin and rub repeatedly in the direction of the hair. Rub each side of your lip separately. Then immediately … pull the tape back to the nose very quickly. Keep the tape as close to the skin as possible and keep your skin taut, to avoid discomfort. The faster the better! Repeat in a uniform way so that you don’t miss a single point. Important tips with candle, remove any wax residue with a Veet® Perfect Finish Witch Did you know? If you have the perfect finish, you can use baby oil. Do not use water, soap or alcohol to remove the wax.

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