Village Papadopoulou Wholemeal & Rye 500gr

Village Papadopoulou Total Grinding & Rye


Wholemeal & rye bread

500 grams

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With respect to the traditional art of bakery, we have created for you the “Village” a village sliced ​​bread with pure, fine ingredients, unique rich taste and texture like that of freshly baked traditional bread. Thanks to the innovative way of preparation and packaging for the Greek data, in the natural yeast that is used but also in some other natural ingredients such as fava flour and vinegar, it is kept fluffy and soft outside the refrigerator. Cereal flour and yeast are mixed and kneaded to create a fine loaf, baked and packaged with care to come to your table and complement your daily diet. A bread with whole grains, fiber and protein. Enjoy it in a cold sandwich or toast, toasted, creating bruschettas or just accompany your daily meal.

Additional Information

Weight 502 g


Wholemeal wheat flour 45%, water, rye rye flour 3%, yeast, 2.5% yeast (water, wheat flour), vegetable oil (sunflower oil), sugar, salt, vinegar, flavoring, wheat flour (flour) wheat, water, yeast), rye malt flour, wheat semolina, wheat gluten, barley flour flour, wheat flour, cherry cherry extract, fava flour.

Διατροφικά Στοιχεία

Per 100g Per Feta (30g)
Energy 1072kJ / 254kcal 322kJ / 76kcal
Fat 4,0g 1,2g
saturated 0,7g 0,2g
monounsaturated 1,0g 0,3g
polyunsaturated 2,1g 0,6g
Carbohydrates 41,0g 12,3g
sugars 4,6g 1,4g
Edible fibers 5,0g 1,5g
Proteins 11,0g 3,3g
Salt 1,43g 0,43g
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