Tahini Olympus Vazo 300gr

Tahini Olympus


Tahini Olympus

300 grams

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Tahini “Olympus” is a completely natural food product that consists of peeled, lightly baked and ground sesame seeds. It is a plant-based, complete food rich in protein and calcium. You can eat it on a slice of bread or toast, mix it with a little honey (a perfect complement to your breakfast!) Or use it in sauces, soups or other fine recipes.

Additional Information

Weight 303 g


100% ground SILVER. Separation of sesame oil is natural. Mix well before each use.

Nutritional Data

Per Per 100g 25g
Energy kj 2780kj 707kj
Energy kcal 664kcal 256kcal
Total fat 59,1g 14,8g
of which saturated fats 9,8g 2,4g
Carbohydrates 1,9g 0,5g
Sugars 1,3g 0,3g
Proteins 26,0g 6,5g
Salt 0,0g 0,0g
Edible fibers 18,2g 2,5g
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